Owing a tax debt is stressful enough, but when the IRS places a lien on your assets, it can make a difficult situation even worse. A tax lien can prevent you from getting a new loan, is harsh on your credit and credit report, and can affect your security clearance or the chances of you gaining one. The IRS will send you a notice 30 days before they place the lien on your assets. However, even after this time period, there are still some ways to get the tax lien removed: 

  1. Pay off the tax liability in full, 
  1. Enter into an installment agreement, 
  1. The Statute of Limitation has passed, 
  1. You can prove that releasing the lien will allow you to pay your debt faster, 
  1. You can prove the IRS placed the lien in error. 

A tax lien is not always able to be removed prior to the tax debt being satisfied. Sometimes, a lien is placed on your assets as part of an agreement you have entered into to repay your tax debt. However, at Justice Tax, LLC, we have decades of experience in assisting individuals and businesses by negotiating with the IRS to achieve a favorable outcome for their tax concerns. Give us a call at 888-545-6007 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our Senior Tax Consultants to discuss your options and more with your tax situation. 

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