The IRS Fresh Start Program is a program that the IRS offers to taxpayers that have a tax debt. There are three repayment options that this program covers: the Extended Installment Agreement, the Offer in Compromise program, and the Tax Lien Withdrawal program. Once you apply for the Fresh Start program, the IRS will determine your eligibility and either approve you of the program of your choice or deny you and continue to issue extended means to collect your tax debt. However, before you can apply for this program, you first must have filed all your tax returns. Without the tax returns having been filed, the IRS cannot determine your eligibility. 

Navigating the complex field of applying for this program, along with filling out the forms, knowing which one suits you best, gathering the necessary documents, and negotiating with the IRS can be complicated. A licensed tax attorney can help you get the best resolution for your needs. At Justice Tax, LLC, we specialize in helping taxpayers receive the freedom from the financial burden that having a tax debt brings. Give us a call at 888-545-6007 for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Senior Tax Consultants to discuss your situation and find the best resolution for you. 

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