Ignoring a tax debt can have serious consequences. Whether you cannot pay or disagree with having to pay, the IRS has several means to receive their taxes due. Wage garnishments are a common first step that the IRS takes, but if an individual remains non-compliant with their tax liability, the IRS can also issue a Tax Lien. 

A tax lien is placed on a person’s home, financial assets, or other personal property. This would mean that any proceeds resulting from the sale of your home, worth of your financial assets, or other personal property would go directly to resolving the tax debt. Unfortunately, a tax lien is even more serious than a simple stake in your future financial stability — it also places a dark mark on your credit report and your credit score, which affects everything from your future job prospects, borrowing money, gaining approval for a loan, and also affects your ability to gain or keep a security clearance.

If the IRS has sent you a letter notifying you of a pending tax lien, we can help you prevent it. If you already have a tax lien, we can assist you in getting it removed from your assets. At Justice Tax, LLC, we are the leading experts in tax lien prevention and removal with decades of experience. Give us a call at 888-545-6007 for a zero cost, no-obligation consultation regarding your tax concern. We’d be happy to assist you in finding a solution for your tax obligation.

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