IRS Releases List of the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams to Avoid The IRS has released a list named the “Dirty Dozen”, comprising of some of the top tax scams that affect taxpayers. PBS reports on this story and also provides some scam red flags to watch out for. If you have any doubt of the…

Spotting the Fakes Among the Five Star Reviews PBS: How many five-star reviews are fake? More than you might think. PBS News sits down with a paid fake reviewer to discuss the ins and outs of this troublesome trend, and what some businesses are working to do to prevent such practices.

Beware of IRS Phone Scams NJTV News discusses phone scammers. One reporter receives an IRS phone scam call and shows how these scammers work to deceive American taxpayers to give them money to pay off a fake tax debt. NJTV also speaks with an IRS spokesman about their experience.

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