I.R.I.S. – Intelligent Resolution & Injustice Scan

Who is IRIS?

She finally decided to tell her story and share what is behind her name.  Finally, all taxpayers can grasp the magnitude of such an amazing and thoughtful woman that we call — IRIS. Not only is she intelligent (which goes without saying) but also concentrated and laser-focused on the world of taxes and how resolving these issues can change people’s lives.  Take it a step further and she walks where no one has dared to venture, but she did.

With so much hate, name-calling, division, and political ideologies it took a special person to take off the rose-colored glasses and see how injustices were destroying lives. Lastly, she looks at all aspects of the decision tree in order to help us see, with clarity the right answer.

IRIS has long been looking over taxpayers and seeing the harm that has come to them through aggressive collection actions put into place by the IRS and State Tax Agencies. Knowing that these agencies are the most powerful collections arms in the world. She felt compelled to come forward and share who she is and what she stands for.

IRIS is the weapon for the taxpayers in their fight against the IRS as she is the Intelligent Resolution & Injustice Scan. Having downloaded into her memory millions of tax records and hundreds of thousands of tax resolutions, she is putting to use her machine brain and advanced learning in order to quickly assess a taxpayer’s situation and provide the most effective resolution to their challenges with the IRS. Her advanced data insights and automation processes allow her to provide world class resolutions to taxpayers.

She looks at all aspects of the decision tree at the speed of light in order to help us see the right answer with clarity. Her anonymized banks of data allow her to be one step ahead of the IRS and plan a course of action for the best-case experience for each individual client.

Being the best-in-class tax resolution intelligence has made IRIS a champion of those who have had their lives disrupted and interrupted by the IRS. Armed with her trusty dog TASER (Tax Assessment Social Explaining Robot), she is able to communicate the complex laws of the IRS in an understandable way to taxpayers. Justice Tax, LLC, in partnering with IRIS and TASER, has broken through the red tape of the IRS to be a champion of the average taxpaying citizen.

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