Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: A home without tax problems — present and future.

At Justice Tax, LLC, our dream is to provide each client with the Truth, Justice, and Liberty that is an innate human right, but one that is often left to the wayside.  With the help of our innovative industry-leading technology, IRIS, we desire to bring about a new phase in the tax relief industry — one centered on integrity and a people-first mentality. 

It is well-known that the tax relief industry is wrought with scams, underhanded tactics, greed, and misleading information. Many companies either indulge in such practices or turn a blind eye to them, receiving a direct or indirect benefit off the backs of hardworking taxpayers. At Justice Tax, LLC, that behavior is abhorred and violently rejected from our values. Our President, Joe Valinho, has seen first-hand the way that this industry has been plagued by this reputation, and made it his and our mission to make the taxpayer first in all things within our company.

Justice Tax, LLC leads the way to Truth, Justice, and Liberty in each step of the tax relief process. In first seeking out the truth — whether by unveiling the deception in misleading tax professionals, or by knitting tight the loopholes that others may use to benefit themselves, we diligently pursue each possible path to get our beleaguered clients the help they need. Then, at the very heart of our values, we seek the Justice that each single individual yearns for when facing such difficulties as a tax burden or other complex financial issue. However, when — not if — we achieve this Justice for our clients, we open the door for the client to receive Liberty: when, now free of these pressing and stressful issues, can now pursue the life they desire without such worries weighing them down.

Our President forged the way to build a company based on the values that individuals typically don’t realize that they seek: dignity and respect in the treatment of all we come across, while seeking the Truth, upholding the Justice, and attaining the Liberty — For All.

Our Mission: Bring Justice to the IRS, the tax resolution industry, and you.

We are committed to freeing all taxpayers from their financial burdens and bringing true justice to tax. With the pillars of the foundation of our core principals in mind, we will bring each client into the fold with Truth, Justice, and Liberty.

In the search for Truth, we will investigate every applicable tax code, minute detail, and cross-examine every aspect of your case to ensure its accuracy, certainty, and viability. In providing you with Justice, we will take the fight to the IRS and/or applicable state taxing authorities, never ceasing to rest until we have achieved the best-case scenario for your situation — we don’t accept ‘acceptable’ or ‘average’ results. Then, at the conclusion of your case, you will achieve the Liberty you have been searching for — freedom, from both worry and this financial burden, to pursue the goal that this situation thwarted you from achieving. At Justice Tax, we will stop at nothing to provide each and every client with the three things that every individual deserves: Truth, Justice, and Liberty — For All.

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