Our Process

We pride ourselves in being the black sheep of the tax relief industry.

While many companies in this industry boast their vague platitudes of quality customer service, we put our words into actionable cause. Transparency is one of the most significant and oft-neglected aspects in a client-company relationship. Often, other tax resolution firms look at the client in terms of their bottom line — how much they can bleed the taxpayer of their finances — the very ones that said client is seeking to protect. Although we believe in fair payment for services rendered, we are upfront and transparent about all fees for our services during the initial consultation — of which is at no cost — in order to provide the taxpayer the ability to understand the cost before signing any commitments. Nothing hidden, nothing masked, and nothing inflated. Our duty is to our clients first — period.

Our process involves 3 steps: Truth, Justice, and Liberty. Read more about them below.


Truth is the centerpiece of assisting our clients. That’s why we strive to hold not only ourselves, but every other tax relief company to the highest standard of ethics never before maintained in this industry. All employees are explicitly transparent in our services and fees, and fully inform all clients of what each service entails. In addition, because greed and wealth are not the basis for our drive to help taxpayers, we also provide free-of-cost services for those in severe financial difficulties. Justice Tax, LLC endeavors to pave the way to persuade other tax relief professionals to follow suit in putting the taxpayer first and, just as importantly, hold all in the tax industry accountable for their actions — even the IRS itself.


In pursuing Justice for our clients, we push forward to encourage others to follow in our footsteps. In so doing, we strive to clarify the confusing tax codes, which will help taxpayers and professionals to understand the complex rules that the IRS and the governing state taxing authorities lay down. In so doing, this will provide taxpayers and tax professionals to gain the most successful outcomes for the tax issue. Clients deserve the right to be heard by the IRS and challenge the IRS’s position on the disputed tax matter, and to pay no more than the fair and correct amount of tax owed. Justice Tax, LLC strives to deliver each client the Justice they are entitled to.


Liberty is the end goal for all individuals with a tax issue — to be released from their financial burden and free to live their life without the worries and stresses that such a weight can bring. Once their tax issue is resolved, our clients can breath a sign of relief and return to a happy life. They can focus their attentions back to where they were prior to their tax issue — family, vacationing, saving towards a large purchase — the possibilities are nearly endless when their tax issue has been resolved. Justice Tax, LLC was founded on the principle to help individuals and businesses to gain financial freedom from their tax burdens, for it is an unalienable human right to achieve Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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