Our Promise

Our clients breathe life into the very core of our company.

Without you, we could not exist to support millions more taxpayers with their tax issues. We have seen many individuals and businesses affected by the mistreatment that other companies have performed against them, often causing distrust and hesitation to resolve their tax issues. Tax issues can happen to anyone, and most often at no intentional fault of the taxpayer. That’s why we have made and stand by our solemn promise that we will treat every client and every individual that we interact within the highest regard, giving them the dignity, respect, and empathy that they deserve. No matter the cause of the tax issue, or how complex it may be, Justice Tax stands by the promise we make to each individual and continue to strive for Truth, Justice, and Liberty — For All.

Core Values

Our promise to our clients rests upon the Three Pillars which make up our Core Values. By upholding our promise, we uphold the most important principles to our company and our employees.

Pillar 1

Bringing Justice to the Taxpayer

We are able to do this with:

  • The most experienced team of legal minds.
  • Taxpayer education on their rights and tax law.
  • I.R.I.S. – our unique Intelligent Resolution & Injustice Scan software.

Pillar 2

Bringing Justice to the IRS

We do this by explaining the taxpayer’s rights:

  • Right to be informed.
  • Right to pay no more than the right amount of tax.
  • Right to privacy. Right to challenge the IRS’s position.
  • Right to a fair and just tax system.

Pillar 3

Bringing Justice to the Tax Industry

We do this by focusing on the following goals:

  • Establishing and abiding by a Code of Ethics
  • Certification of all employees
  • Transparency of services
  • Requiring a $1 million Insurance Policy to help clients

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